The most significant sleep medicine breakthrough in 15 years!

As effective as polysomnography!

The standard technology for sleep test measurements in hospitals and sleep clinics is the polysomnography (PSG).

Sunrise provides an analysis of your sleep for diagnosing sleep apnoea ... Directly from your home!

The curve demonstrates a comparable, unprecedented accuracy between the Sunrise test and the PSG.

A large study of 376 patients conducted by French, Belgian and American sleep doctors (1) compares data obtained with Sunrise and with PSG.

Sunrise analysis goes above and beyond

Indices crucial to doctors but until now difficult to obtain outside of a laboratory. In addition to sleep apnoea measurements, Sunrise analyses:

  • The number of micro-awakenings per hour UNIQUE

Our nights are disrupted by micro-awakenings – short and unconscious events. Too many micro-awakenings make sleep nonrestorative and have repercussions on health (1).

  • The presence of respiratory effort UNIQUE

Respiratory effort is characterised by an increase in negative pressure in the esophagus. It can cause micro-awakenings, or even be immediately toxic to the heart.

(1) Micro-awakening is associated with an abrupt increase in respiratory and cardiac activity.

A certified medical device

There is a real difference between consumer goods, which are poorly regulated, and what the law calls "certified medical device", used by doctors in their daily practice. Obtaining this certification takes several months of work.

  • The European Commission sets out the rules to be observed in order to receive “medical device” certification.

  • It certifies 52 notified bodies, in charge of checking how the device was developed and then validated, and how the quality of the device is monitored over time.

  • These verification audits are conducted at least once a year (1).

    (1) For diagnostic instruments (class 2a).

Mandibular movements, directly from the brain

During sleep, passage of air through the respiratory tract is more difficult because the muscles relax, depriving the body of oxygen.

The brain becomes aware of these disturbances and reacts by contracting muscles of the upper respiratory tract to restore air circulation. These muscles are attached to a mobile bone, the mandible, which is moved by their contraction.

These mandibular movements caused by muscle contractions from brain signals are analysed by the Sunrise device. By being attached to your chin it shows precisely what the brain is doing to keep you breathing and sleeping.

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Sunrise is a certified medical device.